Furry Picnic 2020 cancelled – Together, we stay safe.


Furry Picnic 2020 is cancelled.  Initially, we considered rescheduling the Furry Picnic to August, but there are too many factors that are formidable in doing this safely, as we have previously discussed, that do not leave us feeling comfortable in pushing forward with a modified event.  The risk of just one person getting Covid-19, despite all the efforts we would have to make in modifying the event to make it safe as possible, make cancellation of the 2020 event a simple decision.  No vaccine, no proven therapeutics, and asymptomatic spread – these are very real elements of SARS-CoV-2 – this is not the time to risk anyone’s health.

We continue to cherish and value your continued support over the years, and look forward to the prospect of the Furry Picnic in 2021.

Our financial loss is limited.  We’ve lost no more than $250, the only expense being the cost of our reservation with Wickham Park.  We will not be seeking a refund from Wickham Park, even if one was to be offered.  Wickham Park is a private park – the loss of revenue by our 150 attendees or more at $9 a car could mean a casual estimated loss of $750 to $1500 dollars in revenue to the park, donating our reservation fee is the least we can do, as other events will likely cancel as well.

If you would like to help us recover some of the cost of the reservation, we will be accepting donations via PayPal – our address is info@furrypicnic.com.   Please note, as stated, our loss is limited – a 2021,  or future picnic is not contingent on donations, but it is a loss nonetheless.  If you choose to donate, please do so as long as your personal financial situation is stable – everyone is shaking the cup right now, but keep yours filled before ours.  We will be appreciative of any any all donations and support.

Your support.  Your love.  Everything that is right with the Furry Fandom.  This is why we do this – you.  It may not be easy to believe a cancellation is also something we are doing for you, but it is.  We look forward to another chance for coming together as friends and family –  passionate, strong, and alive.

Together, we stay safe.

See you at the next Furry Picnic,

Kasi Frost (Vulpes Automata) & Tiffany Fox (Foxy)

COVID-19: Coronavirus & The Picnic – Will it happen?


Let’s be honest.  The COVID-19 pandemic is here.  Speculation of what this means to an outdoor event, and what level of impact our communities will be experiencing on June 6th is unknown, specifically – will it be safe to host this event?

Let’s go with what we do know instead:

Effective today, the State of Connecticut, Governor Ned Lamont, issued Executive Order 7 –  Notably – “Prohibition of Large Gatherings. Throughout the State, gatherings of 250 people or more for social and recreational activities including, but not limited to, community, civic, leisure, or sporting events; parades; concerts; festivals; movie screenings; plays or performances; conventions; and similar activities; are prohibited. Such prohibition shall remain in effect until midnight on April 30, 2020, unless modified by a future Executive Order.”  Although our Picnic doesn’t anticipate attendance of 250 people, it would be remiss not to acknowledge this prohibition and evaluate for its net effect; health and safety.  Also, this may preempted by the closure of Wickham Park, should it fall under the criteria of the Executive Order 7 prohibition, or a future order, or the discretion of Wickham Park.

Next, let’s discuss feasibility, and our responsibility to our guests and ourselves.   Our Picnic does self-impose health and safety standards to ensure food served to you is safe, and our event is produced in consideration of your comfort and safety.  Now, examining what might be needed, or altered, to ensure we could produce the event with coronavirus in mind, such as additional health and sanitation steps, and fundamental change of the event, we come into some considerations.  Some of these include an increased serving staff, increased use of disposable utensils, serving containers, and other equipment, increased personal protection requirements, alteration of dining footprint, discontinuation of several communal events and activities, modification to food purchasing expense, such as individual portion snacks and beverages – just to name a few items we could implement.  As we have had this discussion, it appears that going ahead with these measures would have a few results – event cost would increase, the enjoyment of the event would be impacted, and despite our best efforts, people could still spread coronavirus easily.

We strive to ensure the health and safety that would be within our scope of influence or control, and even could implement the most stringent steps, but individuals who may present with no symptoms, either before or after being symptomatic of COVID-19  (or not),  could still attend the event, and inadvertently spread coronavirus to others by any means of transmission.  So, even with all the steps we could take,  the interaction and behavior of our guests could undermine our precautions without much effort.

Facing life head on  – it’s how we’ve come to appreciate this event and how we’ve continued to be successful growing it, even after personal events impacted us as organizers and the 2017 Furry Picnic cancellation.  We like to be honest, transparent, and communicate sooner then later – proactive.  2020 is no exception.

You, our furry family, have thanked us by your continued support in light of all the ups and downs, but that thanks and respect has been earned.   So, let’s not make our family ill – a Picnic or a family with one less at the table, is no Picnic at all.

As we will come to see how community and world events unfold, the facts will be evaluated, followed by a final decision Expect this announcement at any time from this point forward and certainly no later than May 1st.

We will continue to update you all on our posture and thoughts as the situation unfolds.  Regardless of outcome, we with to thank you again for your continued support and understanding.

… and stay safe.  We care.


The Organizers and Crew of the Furry Picnic

Furry Picnic 2020 Registration now open!

Get ready to rumble! Furry Picnic 2020 The Seventh! has arrived,  at its home in Wickham Park, Manchester, CT!

The date this year is Saturday, June 6, 2020, Wickham Park, Manchester, CT!

Non-stop fooding and fun times to ensue – only $10 ($15 at the door)! Please note, new for 2020: Parking is $9.00 a car.


Visit our Registration page here, and if you’d like to stay the weekend, check out our Hotel page here our rate info for 2020 will be updated shortly, but whether you make Furry Picnic a day trip or party all weekend long, Furry Picnic is ready to rock!

The 4th Furry Picnic Christmas, etc. Meet @ Denny’s, 621 Queen St, Southington, CT – Wednesday, December 25th!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! Snow is on the ground (maybe), Sleigh bells are ringing, carolers are singing, and we’re going to ignore all of that and celebrate in our unique ‘Furry Picnic takes over Denny’s for the evening’ way!

Starting 7 pm and ending when everyone has eaten too much, there will be food and gifts (varying in quality) and frivolity galore!

The ID & minor registration requirements have been simplified!

Lots of folks that are older than 13, but not yet in possession of a photo ID have asked about attending the event.  Also, these folks have also wanted to know if they can attend the event without a parent.  After consideration, we’ve decided to allow attendees aged 13 and older to attend without a parent, but with proof of identity and age.  Please read below on these changes:

All attendees must be over 13 years of age or older, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.  All attendees age 13 or older must provide proof of identity and age, as listed below.  Attendees unable to provide proof of age and identity that are not accompanied by a parent will be refused admittance.  Attendees under the age of 13 may attend free, but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

All attendees that would like to consume alcohol provided by themselves or others, must be 21 years of age, and have a valid federal, state, military, or government issued photo ID. Examples include drivers license, passport, or state photo ID card.

All attendees aged 13 and older must provide at least one form of photo ID with age, issued by a school or government organization. If a photo ID is not available, we ask that 2 forms of identification be provided. In this case, the ID document that shows age must be issued by a school or government organization, the second ID document only needs to verify identity or name. Birth certificates, credit cards, library cards, student ID, work ID, voter registration cards, and non-photo ID will be accepted. To prevent risk of identity theft, please do not use your Social Security card.

Please contact info@furrypicnic.com for questions on acceptable documents not mentioned, or any other registration questions.

Furry Picnic 2019 Door prize announced!

So we’ve got a grand tradition of excellent door prizes at Furry Picnic.  We’ve had tablets, smart watches, smart speakers, and streaming media sticks…  what now, what could be amazing now?

Well, we thought for a bit… and we know what is a bit more fun and still a bit geeky… behold…

A waterproof 4K Action Camera … yeaaaaah, nice… great for fursuiters, great for everyone.  Have fun this summer, take videos of everything… go nuts!  Wi-Fi capable, remote activation, and all the mounts, and a memory card – we got ya!  It’s another great way we like to have fun, so join us as we raffle this at 5:00pm at the picnic!

See you there!

The 2019 Furry Picnic Mug – Orange you glad it’s here!

Want to come to the Furry Picnic? Alpaca lunch!

Back, as secretly foreshadowed in the 2018 mug… (woah, the 2018 mug had an Easter egg?  Yeah… it’s all the years mugs in the 2018 coloring!)  the orange-red color change mug is revealed!  Dishwasher safe, and just so much fun, it’s our gift to you! Add it to your collection! Free for everyone who attends, be sure to register now and make it yours!

See you at the Furry Picnic!


2019 Color Art Teaser for Preregistration released!

We always have encouraged everyone to preregister, and why wouldn’t you! Pre-reg makes it faster to get into the picnic and have fun, gets you a badge, and a custom art print exclusive by Foxy!  What’s the Tigress doing in he 6th appearance? Don’t forget – Your early registration helps us with head counts for food, and we really appreciate that, so much, we will hook you up!


Remember, the Furry Picnic is only $10 when you preregister, save $5! It’s another way we can say thank you for being a part of the fun!

2019 Hotel Info announced! Hyatt House – Windsor, CT

Apologies for the delay, as we were trying to negotiate hotel rates.  Unfortunately, due to our size, we could not secure a discounted rate for 2019.  Based on the feedback of our attendees, we’ve decided to step away from the Holiday Inn East Hartford suggested for 2018, and go back to recommending the Hyatt House in Windsor, CT.  We understand the rate isn’t perfect, but we’ve shopped the local offerings, and we’re still inclined to say they offer the best overall deal and quality when shared among others.  The food, staff, room size, and amenities recent renovations to their hot tub and pool really make it a better choice when compared to other area other hotels with smaller rooms, and less amenities.

To learn more, or book a room, visit our Hotel page

Thank you for your patience, and see you at the Furry Picnic!