Furry Picnic 2022 cancelled – The COVID dilemma

To our furry friends, and those who’ve supported us year after year, and since the beginning, it saddens us to say that Furry Picnic 2022 has been cancelled due to risk of COVID.  After looking at the aftermath of Furry Weekend Atlanta, and the high volume of positive tests, and friends we personally know that are positive with the current variant of the COVID-19 virus, either asymptomatic and positive, or very symptomatic and positive, we cannot hold this event with the reasonable assurance of community safety.  We need to be honest and real, the pandemic is still persistent, and boosters are not enough.  FWA was a vaccination required event; all the attendee positives were effectively “breakthrough cases”, cases where even though someone is vaccinated, folks became sick, or detectibly infected.   This fact, combined with the trending increase of positivity in Connecticut for coronavirus make our decision the clear choice, and the safe choice.

Those who have signed up for Furry Picnic this year, we thank you – it would have been our pleasure to have you as our beloved guests.  For those who’ve held back on attending, we also thank you.  The smart choice is not always the most thrilling or exciting, but it does keep you safe.  Let’s hope for a safer world, and a safer fandom experience in the future, but until then, please be excellent to each other, and stay safe.

With our sincerest love, and hope for just one more Furry Picnic someday,

The Furry Picnic Team