The 4th Furry Picnic Christmas, etc. Meet @ Denny’s, 621 Queen St, Southington, CT – Wednesday, December 25th!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! Snow is on the ground (maybe), Sleigh bells are ringing, carolers are singing, and we’re going to ignore all of that and celebrate in our unique ‘Furry Picnic takes over Denny’s for the evening’ way!

Starting 7 pm and ending when everyone has eaten too much, there will be food and gifts (varying in quality) and frivolity galore!

Ooops, our WordPress theme broke!

Okay, it was 6 years old, but we loved it… and now… it’s gone.

That’s okay, we needed something better for the 7th edition of the Furry Picnic… maybe we’ll get a new one at Denny’s at our 2019 Christmas Meet… stay tuned!

Please bear with us as some pages may be inaccessible.  We should be readjusted by January 2020.


The Furry Picnic Crew