Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of questions we have been building since 2013 to help you out!

  • Can I bring my dog, my pet? – Yes, as long as it stays on a leash and is kept under control.  We will have water for your pet too.  Please make sure you clean up after your pet, and they eliminate in properly designated areas, away from the picnic area.
  • Can I bring my own food to share? How about just for me? – Absolutely.  If you are bringing food to share, please let us know so we can add it to the potluck menu and you can make sure it’s prepared right for sharing at the picnic – click here for info.  Food you bring for yourself to eat is fine, although if it needs preparation, like grilling, please email info@furrypicnic.com and we will try to accommodate reasonable requests for prep areas and grill time.  You can have your steak and eat it too!
  • If the event is cancelled or there are last minute changes, news, or updates, where would I find it? – The two best places for official news and updates are right on the front page of this website, https://www.furrypicnic.com, and our Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/furrypicnic @FurryPicnic
  • Will you have a place for fursuiters to cool off and change? – Yes, we will be making a private area in the pavilion for fursuiters to change and cool off.
  • Are there private bathrooms? – Yes, how convenient!  The Wickham pavilion has rest rooms, they are ‘mostly private’ in that they are attached to the pavilion, but open to all Wickham Park guests.  Please share.
  • Will you have a place I can store my stuff? – No, please keep your personal belongings and property with you or in your vehicle.  There isn’t any space in the pavilion to store stuff, it’s just a concrete slab with a roof!  Furry Picnic is not responsible for lost, missing, stolen, damaged, broken, mangled items or property – you bring your property at your own risk.
  • If I lose something, will there be a Lost & Found? – Yes, you can turn it into Furry Picnic staff and we will put it in the Lost & Found.  If you lose something or find something, we will check for it, or place it in the Lost & Found.  Lost & Found itself is usually at the Registration table – just ask a staffer to help you!
  • Is there first aid if I become sick or injured?  Furry Picnic does not provide medical care, or have an expectation of care.  Be responsible for yourself, and please pack your own personal first aid kit, medications, and health care items for your own well-being and safety.  CPR and First Aid certified individuals may be on staff, and may elect to provide care at their sole discretion and acknowledgement of personal liability.  Again, no expectation of care is assumed, and no first aid or care is provided by the event itself.
  • If I have a medical condition, allergy (food, insect, or other), or require special assistance, who should I tell? – Please tell the staff when you register if you have special needs or an allergy.  We will attempt to accommodate all reasonable requests and maintain your confidentiality.
  • Can I ask you a question, and even have it posted here? – Indeed! Please email info@furrypicnic.com

By being a registered attendee to the Furry Picnic event, the registrant agrees to hold harmless Furry Picnic and its staff from any legal action resulting from personal injury or property damage or loss due to the actions of any individual within the event or otherwise, including members of the Furry Picnic staff.