Chartiy Spotlight – CT Humane Society

Furry Picnic has only elected to work with a charity only in its 5th year, and it is not without careful consideration, either.  Sure, other organizations exist in the state, and even other Furry events in Connecticut, like Tiny Paws Con, have decided to work with CHS, but there’s a lot more to it than just that. Let’s share some reasons

For instance, 52,836 lbs, of pet food in the Pet Food Pantry – how does that work? Well, across all 3 locations, food and pet supplies are collected and then donated onsite.  Each location has a Pet Food Pantry – people with needs come, get pet food, and can feed their pet family 🙂

Live release rate – 96.5% – CHS gives many animals a second chance.  From dental care, to advanced surgery, and medicines, the investment in care is worth it; having an animal put to sleep is a big deal, not an operating practice.  Several happy endings have been made possible because of the care given to animals surrendered and transferred to Connecticut Humane Society.  For instance, when Texas was dealing with Hurricanes in 2017, Connecticut Humane Society sent some of their folks to help the shelters, and brought some of the storm displaced animals back, to be adopted in Connecticut.  CHS also works with other animal foster families, Rescues, and animal welfare organizations – not only to take in animals in need, but extend placement to animals that may otherwise not be homed.  CHS succeeds in the practice that not being adopted by a certain timeframe or circumstance doesn’t mean a death sentence.

Those are 2 positive aspects from our own research that we wanted to share.

The last fact is the one that matters everyday to us, as it impacts our family the most.

Our family is 3 lovely pets larger, and happier, because of the Connecticut Humane Society.

We adopted.  Thank you, CHS.  We never would have met our first pets without you!

Let’s keep the love going – and see you at the Furry Picnic!