More fun than a mug full of drink, and foxes!

A tall frosty mug of fox!

So the prospect of food, and a great day at the park wasn’t the only part of the deal, but a mug was promised as well.  With that being said, we introduce the Official Furry Picnic 2013 14 Oz. Mood Stein! this awesome mug goes from frosted white to purple when cold, dishwasher safe, and featuring the fun foxy art of Tod Wills, former FurFright guest of honor, and most amazing of illustrators.   Another one of our gifts to you, we hope everyone will enjoy!




Food Update

Holy Macaroni – Food!

So I’ve been thinking, we can get some burgers and hot dogs, some boneless chicken, sausage, and maybe some salmon or some shrimp, and some veggie burgers, and vegan friendly burgers, and start with that.

Cheese and bacon, cold cuts, yeah, we’ll have that too.

Ok ok, so Dark said he’s bringing his deep fryer, so that means onion rings, fried, fried mozzarella, and some jalapeno poppers.

Okay, so I figure then if we get that I’ll get crock pots, I’ll make some plain pasta, then I’ll have nacho cheese, veggie chilli, and red sauce … so we can have like a pasta bar/nacho bar and sauce for the Mozzarella sticks.

So salad, we’ll have that… and then we get some potato salad, pasta salad, mac salad, and coleslaw.  Maybe a bean salad or baked beans – we will see!

Munchies, right, veggie platter, fruit salad, chips, popcorn, Nutella, some fresh fruit – got it!

Dessert, okay – pies, cakes, cookies, brownies, pudding, watermelon – definitely.

Drinks – Hosmer Mountain Soda, juice, iced coffee, and water – absolutely.

So, I think I have enough for the meat loving crowd, the omnivores, the sweet tooths, the vegetarians, and I think I just might have a good stash going for vegans (as best as I can, really reading those labels for eggs and cheese/milk and the sneaky stuff)

Also, if you’ve got potluck, contact us, and we’ll feature your dish!

– FrostElf

CT Diner Meet Feedback – Picnic almost here!

Yes, it’s only days away!  (Then again, it has only existed for no more than 2 weeks!)

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all the furs at the Town Line Diner that Dark & I got to see and meet if only for a moment, and give awesome glowy goodness too.  We hope that enjoyed the fun gift, and took a moment check out this site and come to Wickham Park for the picnic!

There’s just a few thing people were asking that I wanted to make sure were clear on,  so people would be able to come and have a great time, so here we go!

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New Furry Event in CT! Furry Picnic 2013!

Hello furs!

How else can I say it – it’s been a while coming, but I’ve always wanted to do a furry event in Connecticut, and now it’s time!  From the early New England picnics of 2001, hosted by Skorzy and Dalia (Beerhorse!) to now, one of the most fun events to be had is coming back – furry picnics!  Join FrostElf and Darkcougar, 2 crazy fur-types that call New England their home!

Here’s the secret, make the picnic a one-day event, host it at a very nice park, get a lot of food, tell everyone to come, done!

Here’s the short of it:


Wickham Park ( @ the Wickham Pavilion

1329 Middle Turnpike W Manchester, CT 06040

Date & Time

Sunday, May 19th, 2013 from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm (Gates open and close 1 hour before and after the event)


$5.00 parking per car, $5.00 for food/swag/registration

Who Can Come

*Everyone who pre-registers, up to 200 people

(*Must have a valid federal, state, military, or government issued photo ID, including minors – such as drivers license, passport, or state ID card.  Birth certificates, credit cards, library cards, student ID, work ID, voter registration cards, and non-photo ID will not be accepted.  No exceptions, due to liability.)

Of course, there is more than that needed to making a picnic… details to follow.

Registration will be opening Saturday, April 20th!  Get ready!

This is going to be fun!

– Frost