CT Diner Meet Feedback – Picnic almost here!

Yes, it’s only days away!  (Then again, it has only existed for no more than 2 weeks!)

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all the furs at the Town Line Diner that Dark & I got to see and meet if only for a moment, and give awesome glowy goodness too.  We hope that enjoyed the fun gift, and took a moment check out this site and come to Wickham Park for the picnic!

There’s just a few thing people were asking that I wanted to make sure were clear on,  so people would be able to come and have a great time, so here we go!

How much does it cost again? – Okay, let me try to be as clear as possible – Wickham Park charges $5.00 a car to park, so you or who you are traveling with needs to pay parking. Furry Picnic cost $5.00 per person to register – it’s all inclusive for food, mug, badge, pavilion access, the works.  So all in all, the weekend would cost an average person $10.00 plus gas – $5.00 to park, $5.00 for reg, and gas, etc.  We’re striving to keep it cheap and easy!  I hope that clears up any confusion.

Can I reg at the door?  – No, not yet.  Here’s why – we need a headcount.  We don’t need you to pay in advance (we do eventually) but we need names and heads, bodies – we need to buy food for the event and this is VERY CRITICAL.   At minimum, preregister by emailing info@furrypicnic.com with you name and address and email, put “Preregistration” in the subject line.  If you don’t make it, we understand.  We would love everyone to pay in advance and pre-reg, but if all we can get for now is a pre-reg/RSVP, it’ll do.

Will you offer reg at the door? – It’s almost same question only a bit different.  Right now, no. I’d like to say yes, but again, this is picnic is driven by food, the overhead is the food, it’s about the food.  Early registration/RSVP helps us get the right amount, and the best food.  We don’t have any plans for at the door reg right now, but we will take reg right up until midnight of the event – one email is all you need!

Do I really need my ID? – Yes, again, a government issued photo ID is required.  It’s all about liability and the ability to identify people who are legally allowed to drink and have paid to amongst staff and each other.  We need to make sure that folks have it in their pocket and for registration or an emergency, and so we can register you and give you an wristband.  And no, we can’t give you a minor wristband/registration if you don’t have an ID.  No ID – no reg – sad panda.

Will fursuiters have a place to change? – Yes!  We will have water, fans, and private changing areas at the back of the pavilion for fursuiters.  Our pavilion gets the joy of private restrooms, but you won’t have to change in them, we will be taking good care of you – oh, if you have a cooling fan, please bring it along – we have electricity!

Can you list some of the cool things to do? – Sure, why not!  Ultimate Frisbee disc golf, tennis, softball, hiking, bird watching, biking…  visiting the gardens for fursuit photography, general photography, feeding birds at the aviary seeing, the nature center… sunbathing on the beachfront, playing some ball, running around being silly…  really, just come and enjoy, it’ll be great 🙂

Can I bring food to share and grill?  – Yes, absolutely.  We want you to bring food and drink to share, absolutely.  We’ll have charcoal, so unless you have your own wood chips or tools, you may use ours.  Check out the Food  & Events page for more info.

Are there any events happening at the hotel? –  Not this year, but The Baymont Inn is a really great hotel that we think is a good value and comfort for those who want to make the weekend more leisurely.  If there is enough interest and buzz, we may host an unofficial event on Saturday night at a local restaurant, but that is to be determined.  Sunday is pack up and go home, work and school on Monday – boo!

Can I donate money, volunteer, anything like that? – Sure, to volunteer, just show up and ask a staff member “Can I help?”, and yes, yes you can – if you want to contact us in advance and offer a skill or pledge your help, that would be great!  If you want to donate, and you’re attending, that’s great, email or PayPal to info@furrypicnic.com – we’re not begging, that’s on you, but I’m sure it means more  fun for everything else.  If you’re not attending but want to donate, please let us know your address and we’ll send you a mug!

This should help folks plan a bit better.  Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll try to help out with an answer!

– FrostElf & Darkcougarkat