Furry Picnic 2013 – The Big Thank You

Thank You!

You, the guests of our first Furry Picnic, you have helped create furry history and ensured that this event will happen again. Because of your turn out in numbers, your thanks, your smiles, and your respect, from our hearts, we sincerely thank you!

Thank you EVERYONE that made Furry Picnic a success!  Let’s drop some names, TigerFoxx and Solarion in the kitchen and donating food and time, Arthemys on Registration, Darkcougarkat’s Bro on the deep-fryer (What’s up, bro! *fistpump*) Barker Jr. dropping a few bucks to  help out, Iron Chef donating loot, Logarth and Pyrophin and Val and Fray and Fire Fox and Spots cooking and helping…  Molten lending a hand here and there, EVERYONE lending a hand now and then, EVERYONE for coming, EVERYONE that ate our food, EVERYONE that brought food, EVERYONE for having fun and proving that when furs come together, we make it real.

Props to Tarucat and Xiris – the kitties that make FA state and region groups like connecticutfurs and newenglandfurs rock.

Put your names in the comments if you wanted to say you helped, donated, or made things awesome, brag – go for it 🙂

Darkcougar and I (FrostElf) were talking, and we’re totally blown away by how awesome everyone was and we will do this again.  We think it went ‘very good’ and next time we’ll tune the little things we think we can do better, but seriously, no drama, all fun, we are glad we could treat you, and that you all had such a great time!

If you think just being one person coming to the event and just ‘being there’ isn’t amazing, try 1+1+1… repeat it 100 times, meet other furs… local furs, new friends, chilling, eating, having fun, saying “Yes, I’ll go”…  seriously, that’s magic that makes it happen – thank you so much!

That’s about it, don’t want to TL:DR it – final count on attendance, 101.  Event created on April 19th – one month, 100 furs.  Pretty neat, huh 🙂

And  if you want to talk to us, ask what you can do to make your own furry event as fun and cheap as this, or have ideas for our event, we’d love to hear from you at info@furrypicnic.com

See you at the NEXT Furry Picnic!

– FrostElf & Darkcougarkat