Currently, we have only one event – have fun!

At a park like this, there is no limit to the fun you can have!  Fursuiting, Frisbee, tennis, sunbathing, biking, playing tag, exploring, taking a walk, bird watching, photography, playing games, visiting the aviary and feeding the birds (bring quarters), renting sporting equipment to go have fun, visiting the nature center, really so much to do!  Maybe you want to read, or draw, or do some art, do fursuit photography, enjoy the gardens, try it all!

Event/Class Submission

Although we have no formal programming, we are open to folks hosting an event, classes, or demos.  We will give it a thumbs up (probably), or thumbs down (hope not), or suggest a change/compromise to make it possible.

Here’s what we need need to know – please email it to –  thanks!

Event Title:

Short description:

Long Description:

Length of Event:

Preferred Start Time:

Second Choice Start Time (Should be An Hour Later or Earlier than First choice):


Max Capacity:

What you need/prefer from us: (Electricity, open space, picnic table, supplies)

What you are bringing to do it:

What others need bringing to do it:

Any other considerations for this even? (Messy, loud, dangerous, physical activity, popular/highly-attended, controversial/security risk)

Age restricted or other restriction? (*All programming must be “all-ages” at this event)

Website/link/journal for the event:

Your Contact Email:


If you have an idea for an event or a game, email us at and we’ll list it!