Another reason to pre-register for Furry Picnic – more *ahem* …swag! #YO-*facslap* (ow!)


You’re still thinking about At-The-Door registration…  well, how can we persuade such nice folks who have not pregistered, and reward those who have?  What do we have to do? After all, to preregister, just send an email! Cash a concern? Heck, even reg now – but pay there, zero commitment on the financial bit, right?

Fine… Bribes.

Swag. Tchotchke… stuff!  Well, okay, we can do that!  Act now, and get exclusive prints of the proofs of Tod Wills’ Furry Picnic 2013 art, also get a print by Foxy! of Lazy Fox Studios – Long-time con book contributor and publisher of AnthropoMORPHINE.  Just think, one email and you get prints and a mug, and a badge, and food – that’s a great deal for 5 bucks!  More stuff, more fun, more furry awesomeness! See you at the Furry Picnic!

– FrostElf & Darkcougarkat