Food Update

Holy Macaroni – Food!

So I’ve been thinking, we can get some burgers and hot dogs, some boneless chicken, sausage, and maybe some salmon or some shrimp, and some veggie burgers, and vegan friendly burgers, and start with that.

Cheese and bacon, cold cuts, yeah, we’ll have that too.

Ok ok, so Dark said he’s bringing his deep fryer, so that means onion rings, fried, fried mozzarella, and some jalapeno poppers.

Okay, so I figure then if we get that I’ll get crock pots, I’ll make some plain pasta, then I’ll have nacho cheese, veggie chilli, and red sauce … so we can have like a pasta bar/nacho bar and sauce for the Mozzarella sticks.

So salad, we’ll have that… and then we get some potato salad, pasta salad, mac salad, and coleslaw.  Maybe a bean salad or baked beans – we will see!

Munchies, right, veggie platter, fruit salad, chips, popcorn, Nutella, some fresh fruit – got it!

Dessert, okay – pies, cakes, cookies, brownies, pudding, watermelon – definitely.

Drinks – Hosmer Mountain Soda, juice, iced coffee, and water – absolutely.

So, I think I have enough for the meat loving crowd, the omnivores, the sweet tooths, the vegetarians, and I think I just might have a good stash going for vegans (as best as I can, really reading those labels for eggs and cheese/milk and the sneaky stuff)

Also, if you’ve got potluck, contact us, and we’ll feature your dish!

– FrostElf