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Furry Picnic 2019 Registration

 The cost is only $10.00 when you preregister and pay online, and $15.00 per person at the door. (The $5.00 discount is only for attendees who preregister AND pay online before the event.)

Why you might ask? Well, it’s all in what your $15.00 gets you.

– Attendance to Furry Picnic 2019 (Membership)

– All you can eat food, burgers, hot dogs, salad, pasta, chips, snacks, desserts, soda, juice and water – check our menu!

– Access to the Wickham pavilion – which has private restroom, overhead shelter, and will have a fursuit changing and cooling area, and running water

– Swag! Everyone gets a color change mug with the Furry Picnic 2019 logo art. Preregister and a get custom Furry Picnic namebadge!


All attendees must have a valid federal, state, military, or government issued photo ID, including minors – such as drivers license, passport, or state photo ID card.

Birth certificates, credit cards, library cards, student ID, work ID, voter registration cards, and non-photo ID will not be accepted. No exceptions, due to liability. No ID – No entry.




Registration Frequently Asked Questions

  • I started to preregister, and then I had to stop, or I closed the browser, got confused… – It’s okay. Unless you complete the PayPal registration, you have not been charged. Also, you are not fully registered. Please submit your info again – it will not duplicate. If you are still having issues, please read ‘Offline Registration’ below.
  • *I don’t use PayPal, I can’t use PayPal, I “dislike” PayPal and still want to pre-register, or the online registration doesn’t work, what do I do?No worries, we know some folks are not PayPal users for various reasons. Email with your Real Name, Address (as listed on your ID), valid email address, and phone number. We will reply with a confirmation and collect payment at the picnic, or you may send payment via PayPal directly. If you do not have a PayPal account, PayPal allows guest payments – you can make one-time payments with a major credit card or you can use a prepaid gift card from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover without a PayPal account.
  • How do I know I’ve completed my Furry Picnic registration successfully? – You will receive an email with the subject “Event Registration Details” from Furry Picnic, confirming your registration – look for it. If you don’t get the confirmation email, email and we will confirm your registration, and also resend your confirmation email.
  • I preregistered as a member for 2018, but never made it… what about that? – Well that’s okay, you’re comped for 2019 then! If you pre-reg and missed Furry Picnic in 2016, we’ve got you for 2018!  Rollover registration is not automatic!  Please email and put “2018 pre reg/2019 membership comp” in the subject line, and be sure to mention the name and email address you used when registering in 2018. We’ll even have your 2018 mug and badge waiting at the picnic – nice!
  • Can I register at the picnic? – Yes, but registration is capped at 200. It’s the max capacity of the pavilion. We really prefer folks to register in advance. It’s as easy as emailing us or clicking through PayPal . If we sell out beforehand, or day of the event, you will be turned away – our apologies in advance.
  • Will you notify the public if you get near or hit the attendee cap? – By all means, if we get to 175, and again at 200, we will certainly announce that information on the front page of the site and Twitter.
  • Can I pay at the picnic? – Yes, if you preregister by email or register At-The-Door. We can accept cash, major credit cards, or PayPal – no checks.
  • Do I need to register with my real name and info? – Yes, but it’s confidential. The only time it is viewed is by the one staffer who checks you in at the picnic. You are the only one that gets to write on your badge or make it public, for your comfort and safety. You will get to write any name on your badge. We will never send anything to you by mail, unless you don’t come to get your mug and badge. Your identity and right to privacy is your business, not for us and the public – everyone is welcome.
  • Is there a registration cutoff?Yes, 200 registered people before or at the event. Preregistration closes at 10:00 pm, Friday, June 7, 2019 or when 200 people have registered. If you miss preregistration and there’s still room at the time of the event, we will register you At-The-Door.
  • Is there a minimum age to attend this event? – No, but anyone aged 12 or under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and may attend free with a registered adult – please email if you would like to add your child to the registration list, and be sure to include your own registration info in the email. Attendees aged 13 and over need photo ID or must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you are under 18, you need an adult or guardian with you – no exceptions. We know the fandom spans all ages, but for everyone’s safety and comfort we need to enforce this rule.
  • Can I get a refund on my membership if I don’t make it? – No, but we will gladly ship your mug and badge to you if you don’t make it or register you for free for 2020! We will send it in a plain box with the organizers’ name on it. We will contact you prior to shipment to confirm a shipping name and address. Let us know if you want to skip pre-reg for the following year, and we’ll just send you your stuff!
  • Can I transfer my membership? – Yes, you can transfer your membership to another person up until Midnight, Friday June 1, 2019. Email and put “Membership Transfer” in the subject line, be sure to include the name, address, phone number, and email of both people, the original registrant and the new recipient. All transfers will must be verified and confirmed before the event. Incomplete transfers mean the new recipient of the membership doesn’t get to stay, and the membership swag gets sent to the original member. Make sure it gets done in time!
  • Can I just show up and not eat? I’ll bring my own food… – No, if you just show up, you will be asked to stay out of the picnic event area. We’re trying to be as reasonable as possible to make this event awesome and keep the price low. Please help us out and register!
  • I forgot my photo ID, what do I do? – Turn around home and get it, or enjoy the rest of the park. No ID – no picnic.
  • I don’t have a photo ID, what do I do? – Contact your local DMV or RMV and get a Non-Driver Photo ID before the event. It’s really a good idea for situations like this.
  • Can my membership be revoked at any time? – Yes, we reserve the right to revoke membership at any time, before and at the event, for any reason. This is right is reserved for the safety of our attendees, staff, and event and is typically limited to those who do not follow event or park rules and extreme circumstances.
  • Is anyone banned from registering? – No.
  • If the event is cancelled, will I be refunded? – Yes, in the unlikely circumstance the event is cancelled due to park closure, information will be posted on this site and Twitter, and refunds will be issued within 30 days.
  • I have another registration question or situation, who can I talk to about? – Email – same day reply!

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