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postheadericon 2016 Pre-reg – Custom badges, color print, and our thanks!

We always have encouraged everyone to per-register, and why wouldn’t you! Pre-reg makes it faster to get into the picnic and have fun, gets you a custom badge, and a custom art print exclusive by Foxy! The Tigress is back for her 4th appearance!  Your early registration helps us with head counts for food, and we really appreciate that, so much, we will hook you up!  It’s another way we can say thank you for being a part of the fun!

We now have an online form to submit your request for a custom badge – click here! (


postheadericon The 2016 Furry Picnic Mug – Double-Side Excitement!

They’re here! The new mugs for Furry Picnic 2016! 🙂 Double sided, and intensely pink, with purple, and huskies!!! As always, our mugs feature the artwork of Tod Wills!

Everyone gets a mug!  It’s yours when you register or pay at the door!  Woo-hoo!


Our mugs also change from pink to purple in ice, it’s so chillingly good!